Puppy Application 

Puppies are chosen in order of Waiting list position (1st 2nd pick etc.) based on pictures of each puppy, and personality descriptions. We are also available to answer questions about their individual personalities as they get to be 5 weeks.  Puppies are chosen by 5 weeks of age.


If there is no one in front of you on the waiting list you may Reserve the puppy of your choice immediately!

We deliver this way to protect the puppies from Parvo and unseen, contagious parasites. Because we take good care of them, and are very careful, our puppies are very healthy. After 8 weeks their immune systems are more fully developed, and they are ready to meet their families.


Puppies come with a written Bill Of Sale, 1 Year Health Guarantee, Vet Exam, Vet Contact Info, Vaccination, Wormer, a small supply of Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Food to mix in with your puppy food and a scent cloth from their mom and litter. 

Best Large Breed Puppy Foods

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You may request your puppy be Microchipped for an additional $50 due at the time of your request. You must make your request at least 5 business days before delivery in order to schedule the appointment. Chip comes with a lifetime registration.

Final payment due upon delivery. PayPal, Debit or Credit Card. PayPal processing fees are included in the sale price. We will send you an invoice for you to pay at or before the time of delivery. Sorry we do not accept checks.

If a puppy will be shipping to you, payment in full must be completed at least 48 hours before the puppy ships to avoid any delays.​

1 Year Health Guarantee

      Guarantee is valid until the puppy turns 1 year of age. This guarantee is non-transferrable.

       Seller guarantees the puppy against a genetic defect which causes blindness, crippling, or sudden death of which is a non-treatable condition. Documentation must come from the examining Veterinarian of OzarksPets.com choice stating his/her findings and diagnosis. If the above condition should occur you will be given a refund of your puppies purchase price or another puppy of the same value from the next available litter after the return of the originally purchased puppy to OzarksPets.com.

Refund or Exchange of the puppies is at the discretion of OzarksPets.com. We are not responsible for out of pocket expenses. Transportation and Veterinary examinations of the puppies are the responsibility of the buyer.

       Although the puppy has been vaccinated and dewormed. We do not make any guarantees regarding vaccinations or illnesses which could be prevented by them, due to their unpredictable nature. Nor do we make any guarantees regarding worms or parasites, as they are very common among all dogs, everywhere.

      Purchaser agrees to spay or neuter at 6 months of age.


      If the dog becomes obese, the buyer doesn't keep current on deworming and vaccinations, or does not spay or neuter by 6-7 months of age, this guarantee becomes void. Seller is not responsible for any puppy death due to neglect, abuse, dehydration, or any other illness that could have been prevented by the purchaser.

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If you decide to take home one of our puppies you will go onto the waiting list in the order you contacted us.