$200 Deposit to hold and or deliver your new puppy. (PayPal, Square, Debit or Credit)

For the safety of our customers and ourselves we offer PayPal or Cash on Delivery. We will send you an invoice via PayPal in advance where you may pay with PayPal, Credit or Debit Card a 4% PayPal processing fee will be added to your invoice. Sorry no checks are accepted.  You may pay via our PayPal QR Code with a 2% processing fee on our QR Code Page.

We go the distance to make our puppies trip smooth as possible. We have made in person deliveries for our puppies all over the U.S. We make every effort to ensure all our puppies travel safe and healthy to their new homes.

We have more options available for you to choose from!

Free Delivery

To Seymour on their 8 week birthday.

Or within our route on the first Saturday after their 8 week birthday to Columbia MO.

Personal Ground Delivery

Your puppy rides with us to meet within 5 hours one way for an additional $150. Longer delivery available.

Personal Air Nanny Delivery 

Your puppy will ride with our Nanny with one on one care all the way to your Airport and into your arms. Email Quote

Air Delivery 

Climate controlled ride in the plane with care from the airline pet care crew to your Airport. Puppy will have a crate that is yours to keep. Email Quote

Ground Delivery

Climate controlled ride in the car with care from the pet driver to your location. Email Quote


Nationwide Ground and Air Delivery available.

Step (1) Fill out a Puppy Application and Choose a puppy. Then we can get your free shipping quote. 

   (2) A vet check, travel papers and airline arrangements will be made and take about 4 business days to complete.

   (3) Set the flight date and make the final payment for the balance of your puppy and its flight.

   (4) Your puppy is on the way! Pet Nanny flights may be from Monday to Saturday.

Air Delivery flights arrive around Noon on Tuesday or Friday. If you require a flight on a different day we can make arrangements.